A delicate handmade chain with elegant little Elizabethan motifs interspersed along it...

22ct gold bracelet made with treasure medallions and hand beaten 22ct gold loose links of different ..

Multiple beaten 22ct gold rings hand made by Polly and formed into a flexible, lively chain. The cla..

Lustrous, high quality white pearls joined together with loose hand made links and chain making the ..

Small beaten rings make triple knots which are joined with small rings. ..

This bangle has been cleverly twisted in three places making it different and interesting. 6.6cm dia..

These disc beads are linked with medium sized hand-made rings. 20.5cm long..

The heavy links in this bracelet are all made by hand and the result is a heavy, classical bracelet...

22ct gold cufflinks with an interesting 'trefoil' design on one side and a solid plain gold bar on t..

22ct gold Double flakes on either side of a hand-made gold chain...

Cufflinks made with beaten and melted 22t gold flakes, one single and one double...

Heavy 22ct sequin beads alternating with beautiful polished dark blue kyanite. ..

A magnificent faceted moonstone set in a vine twist of square and round 22t gold wire...

Little lizards made made in precious metal clay with small but solid flakes at the other end of the ..

Round grey pearl set in a 22ct gold ring with a smaller grey pearl drop. Overall length approx 2.5cm..

Faceted beads of labradorite hanging from handmade 22ct gold beads. Overall drop approx 2.5cm..

Handmade and completely organic looking, these 'flake' earrings are made with two heavy flakes of me..

Two rings of 22ct gold intertwined, on posts. Very simple and elegant, dress them up or dress them d..

Heavy beaten gold rings, embellished with small beads of sold 22ct gold. Approx 1.2cm across..

Exotic looking star earrings set with small rich amethyst cabochon stones. 3.5cm across..

High quality faceted garnets on 22ct gold discs. Approx overall length 1.5cm..

Dark, rich green tourmalines with triple intertwined 22ct gold rings above.  These earrings are..

Green cabochons set in 22ct gold on a melted disc. On posts. Diameter 1.3cm..

Large howlite cabochon stones set in 22ct gold and embellished with 22ct gold grain. Overall length ..

Beautiful faceted labradorite cushions in a 22ct gold vine setting. Earrings on posts. 2cm across, i..

Large triple knot earrings, one 'thread' of the knot is smooth unbeaten gold, and the other two have..

These misty blue, faceted, agates hang from a double disc of melted 22ct gold. Approximate overall l..

Fat, luscious pearl cushions, just off white but not quite pink, set plainly and elegantly in 22ct g..

An unusual and very lovely pink, these cabochon tourmalines are set in 22ct gold vines. The earrings..

Triangular pink tourmalines set in 22ct gold with pearls hanging below. Overall length approx 2cm..

Rich rubelite cabochon squares set on flake bases with small white pearls underneath. ..

Beautiful teardrop mabe pearls dangling from solid 22t gold, handmade, beads. Overall length approxi..

Quite large cabochon tourmalines with a thin 'vine' wrapped round the setting. The earrings are appr..

Long 'tusks' with a deep red cabochon garnet drop on the end. These earrings are 7cm long...

Earrings made out of heavy 22ct gold wire and twisted in the vine motif with small gold balls. ..

This handmade 22ct gold chain is interspersed with randomly shaped and colored grey pearls, and in t..

A small-linked handmade chain that looks perfect with several of Polly's pendants, or on its own. ..

Medium sized white pearls strung at intervals along a 22ct gold hand made chain which has motifs fro..

Sequin beads beaten flat so they catch the light as they move. The chain is handmade. 46cm/18" long..

Multi-coloured, smooth but not polished jasper beads strung with handmade gold sequins in between. ..

Another necklet of two halves, one half influenced by the Afghan hoard, the other Polly's own design..

Big, randomly shaped lumps of amethyst strung between hand made rings of 22ct gold. ..

Random shapes and sizes of amethyst beads strung with small gold beads and sequins make an attractiv..

Beads of coral, turquoise and lapis interspersed with gold sequins; colorful and ancient looking - s..

Medium black pearls and tiny black pearls threaded alternately along a hand made 22ct gold chain. &n..

Unpolished carnelian beads with hand made 22ct beads of different sizes and shapes. The large beads ..

Hand made 22ct gold chain with a double link motif, and a small pearl hanging centrally...

The most surprising and beautiful beads made of Ethiopian opal. Graduated in size, they sometimes fl..

22ct Gold hand made sequin beads interspersed with natural coral and turquoise beads. ..

This magnificent necklace is made of heavy guage wire beaten into rings, two fused and one loose whi..

Beads of jet, crystal and granite of various shapes and sizes strung with handmade gold sequins spac..

Beautiful discs of lapis lazuli strung with small gold beads and one gold disc which shows off the r..

Lapis and turquoise necklet with a small 22ct gold cross hanging from the centre...

Grey pearls of mixed colours, sizes and shapes threaded randomly on a gold chain made up of differen..

Randomly shaped turquoise beads with mixed gold pieces for the chain; some rings, some beads, some s..

Hand made 22ct gold beads, different shapes and sizes, strung on a hand made 22ct gold chain..

Multi coloured tourmaline beads strung on a hand made 22ct gold chain..

Beautiful, large lustrous pearls in shades of cream, peach, apricot, palest pink and oyster, with 22..

Pearl and unpolished jasper strung on a 22ct gold handmade chain made of beaten links. ..

Pink and green tourmaline beads strung with 22ct gold sequins as highlights between the beads...

A necklet in two halves; two disparate designs put together to create a unique and interesting neckl..

Lustrous black pearls strung on a handmade 22ct gold chain with medium sized links.  Overall le..

Very tiny black pearls strung between tubes of 22ct gold, with an occasional 22ct gold 'spring' as a..

Tiny white pearls strung on a hand made 22ct gold, oval link necklace chain...

Assorted pearls with 22ct gold sequin beads between them. Very elegant and timeless...

22ct gold 'treasure' with an interesting handmade 22ct gold bead hanging from it. Approx 2.5cm in le..

Heavy 22ct gold wire elaborately twisted into a circular pendant wound round with a vine. Nestling i..

Heavy twisted wire with a magnificent cabochon tanzanite hanging in the middle. ..

Two quality amethyst cabochon stones set in a 22ct gold vine motif setting. Approx 3cm full length..

A large, high quality amethyst tear drop cabochon set in 22ct gold with a heavy, twisted bail. ..

Another magnificent labradorite stone set in 22ct gold and embellished with gold beads. ..

Made in the vine motif, this pendant is made in heavy gauge 22ct gold wire with a magnificent green ..

This pendant was made as part of the suite of gold jewellery that includes the wreath which was comm..

Interestingly marked Jasper bi with 22ct gold 'vine' bale. 4cm diameter..

Dark, rich faceted labradorite set in 22ct gold in a 'stirrup' pendant. 2.5cm max width..

Beautiful cabochon tanzanite set in 22ct gold with a triple ring and bead bail detail. ..

A beautiful teardrop white mabe pearl set in 22ct gold with an ornate 22ct gold bail..

Consists of 5 rings; 2 plain twisted gold and three with stones. One long watermelon tourmaline, one..

A very simple and attractive Roman style ring set with a faceted labradorite stone. Size N 1/2..

This dark green faceted tourmaline is set in 22ct gold, and embellished with small 22ct gold beads o..

A magnificent dark green sugar-loaf tourmaline set simply on beaten and melted 22ct gold shank. ..

5 rings consisting of 2 plain gold rings and three rings with high quality garnet stones; one square..

A narrow 22ct gold band with a flat, twisted wire overlayed on it. It looks old and worn but is new ..

A medium wide, melted, shank with a pressed 22ct gold PMC flower set on top...

22ct gold and amethyst stacker ring consisting of 2 twisted gold bands and three bands with cabochon..

A deep, rich amethyst set in 22ct gold on a plain shank that has been embellished with two gold bead..

This ring was part of the suite of jewellery commissioned by the World Gold Council. It includes the..

This large ring has a double shank of beaten and melted 22ct gold. Ring size Q..

This beautiful peridot goes perfectly with the peridot earrings even though they weren't designed as..

A rich green cabochon cushion tourmaline set in 22ct gold on a double melted shank. Ring size K..

Heavy gauge 22ct gold wire wrapped round in a naturally evolving knot. Size M...

The shank of this ring has been melted and beaten and then had a melted piece of gold twisted round ..

This large man's wedding ring is a plain shank wrapped with a beaten, twisted wire to add texture an..

A large, heavy ring consisting of a plain shank wrapped round with beaten wires to form a cross...

A magnificent cabochon opal set in 22ct gold with a double shank and small beads. Size K1/2..

22ct gold ring made with a melted and beaten shank wrapped round with heavy gauge wire. Size Q...

Little round beads of 22ct gold nestled among round pearls of subtly varying shades...

Heavy 22ct gold shank wrapped with wire and embellished with melted beads, size P..

This high quality labradorite stands quite proud of the shank which has a wonderful melted texture. ..

This cabachon tanzanite is set at the join of two beaten rings with small beads on either side of it..

Please note! Stone colours will vary on different computer screens. This high quality, rich, pink to..

Turquoise cushion and antique coral bead strung together with a 22ct gold shank. Ring size P..

Please Note! Stone colors vary on different computer screens. Trying to capture the true colour of t..

22ct gold melted shank with heavy wire twisted round it, size M 1/2..

Quality round grey pearls on handmade 22t gold French wires. Very plain and elegant. Overall drop ap..

Little solid gold hand made beads hanging from 22ct trefoil studs. ..

A small 22ct gold bead dangles from double beaten gold rings in these delicate and elegant little st..

Single 22ct gold flakes with small coral beads. Earrings on posts, approximately 1.5cm overall drop..

Small 22ct gold quatrefoil earrings embellished with gold beads, on wires. Approx overall length 1.2..

A tiny trefoil of beads in a beaten ring, hanging on ear wires. Tiny and interesting...

Melted 22ct gold discs with a small hand-made 22ct gold bead. Overall length 1.5cm..

This magnificent pearl drop hangs from an elaborate bail embellished with handmade gold beads. ..

Round peach colored pearls on handmade French wires. An elegant twist on the classic white pearl ear..

Hand cut 22t gold buttercups with small white pearls in their centers. Overall size approx 1cm acros..

Quality oval cabochon amethysts set in 22ct gold with medium sized fixed pearls below. ..

A beautifully polished piece of aventurine with an interesting double bail; half made of twisted nar..

Beautiful dark grey, almost black pearls on handmade French wires, embellished with little beads mad..

Two sets of beaten rings have been joined cleverly to make these unusual little earrings. 2cm overal..

Small, very light grey drop pearls hanging from a plain gold half ring. Full drop approx 1.5cm..

Small, bright light green, facet cut peridot set in 22ct gold in a Roman style ring.  Ring size..

Faceted green agate pendant an ornate, handmade wire bead. Overall length approx 2.75cms..

Perfect little white mabé pearls set in 22ct gold with a clear, bright aquamarine drop hanging below..

Small cabochon oval pearls set in 22ct gold with tiny little white pearl drops attached. Overall len..

Small pale peach coloured pearls on 22ct gold flakes with small hand made beads. ..

This beautiful garnet makes a rich and rather exotic pendant. 2.1cm overall drop...

Single 22ct gold flake earrings on posts; organic and perfect for everyday wear. Approx 1cm in lengt..

A lustrous, creamy square pearl set on the diamond, and between the bail and the pearl is a quatrefo..

A large lump of natural turquoise hangs from a 22ct gold handmade 'stirrup' pendant. Overall drop 3c..

Yellow/gold pearls on 22ct gold wires. Unusually colored pearls, perfect with 22ct gold...