Brooches & Cufflinks

Brooches & Cufflinks
Polly works alone, she designs all her own Brooches & Cufflinks, and because she makes everything herself, each piece is unique. While she can revisit and repeat an idea, she will never be able to completely copy anything, which means every item she makes is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

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22Ct Gold Cufflinks

22ct gold cufflinks with an interesting 'trefoil' design on one side and a solid plain gold bar on t..


22Ct Gold Double Flake Cufflinks

Cufflinks made with beaten and melted 22t gold flakes, one single and one double...


22Ct Gold Kyanite Cufflinks

Heavy 22ct sequin beads alternating with beautiful polished dark blue kyanite. ..


Boulder opal and 22ct gold flake brooch

A magnificent dark and firey boulder opal sent in 22ct gold flakes. A stunning brooch approx 5cm acr..


Large 22T Gold Vine With Faceted Moonstone Brooch

A magnificent faceted moonstone set in a vine twist of square and round 22t gold wire...


Lizard Cufflinks

Little lizards made made in precious metal clay with small but solid flakes at the other end of the ..


Pearl and 22ct gold brooch

A large white oval pearl appears to balance inside the 22ct gold vine twist, and a smaller, lustrous..


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