Polly works alone, she designs all her own Earrings, and because she makes everything herself, each piece is unique. While she can revisit and repeat an idea, she will never be able to completely copy anything, which means every item she makes is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

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22ct gold double ring stud earrings

Two rings of 22ct gold intertwined, on posts. Very simple and elegant, dress them up or dress them d..


22ct gold medium knot earrings

22ct gold knot earrings, medium size. The knots sit on a domed disc which adds another dimension to ..


22ct gold PMC lantern shaped earrings

22ct gold PMC lantern shaped earrings on wires, with a tiny bead at the bottom of the lantern. Overa..


22Ct Gold Ring And Bead Earrings

Heavy beaten gold rings, embellished with small beads of sold 22ct gold. Approx 1.2cm across..


22ct gold spiral stud earrings

Stud earrings made from 22ct gold wound into a tight spiral.  Approx 1cm across..


Amethyst 22Ct Gold Star Earrings

Exotic looking star earrings set with small rich amethyst cabochon stones. 3.5cm across..


Amethyst and vine motif earrings

Large round amethyst cabochons set in 22ct gold with a vine motif. A small oval amethyst cabochon ha..


Black pearl and 22ct gold ring earrings

Black pearls hanging from beaten 22ct gold rings. Post earrings, overall drop approx 2.5cm...


Black pearl and 22ct gold triple ring earrings

Triple rings of 22ct gold beaten and and joined with a small gold bead in the middle.  Hanging ..


Blue mabe pearl earrings

Round light blue mabe pearl earrings with 22ct gold wire wrap. Earrings on posts. Approx 1.5cm acros..


Cabochon Tanzanite and 22ct gold stud earrings

Beautiful cabochon tanzanite ovals set in 22ct gold with a loop round the top.  Overall length ..


Crysoprase and 22ct gold flake earrings

Crysoprase cushions hanging below 22ct gold flakes. Earrings on posts. Overall drop approx 2.5cms..


Garnets on 22ct gold discs

High quality faceted garnets on 22ct gold discs. Approx overall length 1.5cm..


Green tourmaline and 22ct gold stud earrings

Dark, rich green tourmalines with triple intertwined 22ct gold rings above.  These earrings are..


Half moon hoops with gold bead earrings

Half moon hoops in 22ct gold with a hollow gold bead hanging below. The bead is hung so it moves. Th..


Hand made 22ct gold PMC beads on wires.

Hand made 22ct gold PMC beads wrapped in wire, with a tiny gold bead on the bottom.  The earrin..


Hollow 22ct gold beads with black pearls

New Antiquites Series:  large hollow 22ct gold beads on beaten rings, with a small, dark black ..


Howlite And Gold Grain

Large howlite cabochon stones set in 22ct gold and embellished with 22ct gold grain. Overall length ..


Labradorite And Gold Vine Earrings

Beautiful faceted labradorite cushions in a 22ct gold vine setting. Earrings on posts. 2cm across, i..


Mabé pearl and 22ct gold earrings

Large white mabé pearls set in a 22ct gold vine twist.  Overall length approx 2cm..


Pink tourmalines in vine settings

An unusual and very lovely pink, these cabochon tourmalines are set in 22ct gold vines. The earrings..


Round green agate earrings

Discs of green agate set in 22ct gold. A very simple design which makes these earrings surprisingly ..


Rubelite Squares White Pearls

Rich rubelite cabochon squares set on flake bases with small white pearls underneath. ..


Small 22ct gold bead stud earrings

Stud earrings made from 22ct gold hand-made beads. Approx 1 cm across...


Small double flake 22ct gold earrings

Randomly shaped double flake earrings in 22ct gold. Overall drop 2.5cm...


Small turquoise buttons and 22ct gold earrings

Small buttons of turquoise set in 22ct gold with a fine wire wrap around.  Stud earrings approx..


Tear Drop Pearls And 22Ct Gold Earrings

Beautiful teardrop mabe pearls dangling from solid 22t gold, handmade, beads. Overall length approxi..


Tourmaline Cabochon And Vine Earrings

Quite large cabochon tourmalines with a thin 'vine' wrapped round the setting. The earrings are appr..


White pearl and large 22ct gold bead earrings

These earrings are part of Polly's latest collection, New Antiquities.   Recognizable by the ne..


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There are more available in the "Small Treasures" collection