Polly works alone, she designs all her own Necklaces, and because she makes everything herself, each piece is unique. While she can revisit and repeat an idea, she will never be able to completely copy anything, which means every item she makes is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

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22Ct Gold Handmade Fine Link Necklace

A small-linked handmade chain that looks perfect with several of Polly's pendants, or on its own. ..


22ct gold link necklace

Large flat, handmade links of 22ct gold in a 28" long chain...


22Ct Gold Medium Pearl Chain Necklace

Medium sized white pearls strung at intervals along a 22ct gold hand made chain which has motifs fro..


22Ct Gold Sequin Chain Necklace

Sequin beads beaten flat so they catch the light as they move. The chain is handmade. 46cm/18" long..


22Ct Gold Sequins And Jasper Bead Necklace

Multi-coloured, smooth but not polished jasper beads strung with handmade gold sequins in between. ..


22Ct Sampler Necklet

Another necklet of two halves, one half influenced by the Afghan hoard, the other Polly's own design..


Amethyst Necklet

Random shapes and sizes of amethyst beads strung with small gold beads and sequins make an attractiv..


Carnelian 22Ct Gold Necklace

Unpolished carnelian beads with hand made 22ct beads of different sizes and shapes. The large beads ..


Coral and 22ct gold bead necklet

Small round and tube beads of coral and 22ct gold strung together in an elegant and understated neck..


Ethiopian opal and 22ct gold necklace

The most surprising and beautiful beads made of Ethiopian opal. Graduated in size, they sometimes fl..


Heavy Guage Double Ring Necklace

This magnificent necklace is made of heavy guage wire beaten into rings, two fused and one loose whi..


Jet Crystal Granite 22Ct Gold Necklace

Beads of jet, crystal and granite of various shapes and sizes strung with handmade gold sequins spac..


Lapis Gold Disc Necklace

Beautiful discs of lapis lazuli strung with small gold beads and one gold disc which shows off the r..


Lapis Turquoise Gold Cross Necklace

Lapis and turquoise necklet with a small 22ct gold cross hanging from the centre...


Mixed Grey Pearls Gold Necklace

Grey pearls of mixed colours, sizes and shapes threaded randomly on a gold chain made up of differen..


Mixed Turquoise 22Ct Gold Necklace

Randomly shaped turquoise beads with mixed gold pieces for the chain; some rings, some beads, some s..


Multi 22Ct Gold Beads On Handmade Chain Necklace

Hand made 22ct gold beads, different shapes and sizes, strung on a hand made 22ct gold chain..


Multi Coloured Tourmaline Necklace

Multi coloured tourmaline beads strung on a hand made 22ct gold chain..


Multi-coloured stones and 22ct gold necklace

Large, random, multi-coloured stones strung with large gold links between them...


Pearl 22Ct Gold Necklace

Beautiful, large lustrous pearls in shades of cream, peach, apricot, palest pink and oyster, with 22..


Pearl Lava Gold Chain Necklace

Pearl and unpolished jasper strung on a 22ct gold handmade chain made of beaten links. ..


Pink and green tourmaline and 22ct gold sequin necklet

Pink and green tourmaline beads strung with 22ct gold sequins as highlights between the beads...


Single black pearls on handmade 22ct gold chain

Lustrous black pearls strung on a handmade 22ct gold chain with medium sized links.  Overall le..


Tiny black pearl and 22ct gold tube necklet

Very tiny black pearls strung between tubes of 22ct gold, with an occasional 22ct gold 'spring' as a..


Turquoise and 22ct gold sequin necklace

Various shapes and sizes of turquoise beads strung with 22ct gold hand-made sequins.  Length 45..


Turquoise and 22ct gold tube necklet

Small tubes of turquoise and 22ct gold strung in a necklet. 45cm long...


White Pearl 22Ct Gold Necklace

Assorted pearls with 22ct gold sequin beads between them. Very elegant and timeless...


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There are more available in the "Small Treasures" collection