Small Treasures

Small Treasures
Polly works alone, she designs all her own small treasures, and because she makes everything herself, each piece is unique. While she can revisit and repeat an idea, she will never be able to completely copy anything, which means every item she makes is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

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10mm white pearl and 22ct gold earrings

Large, lustrous white pearls, 10mm in diameter, on long 22ct gold French wires...


22Ct Bead And Trefoil Earrings

Little solid gold hand made beads hanging from 22ct trefoil studs. ..


22ct gold and Blue agate heart earrings

Tiny, bright blue agate hearts on a little melted disc of 22ct gold.  Very sweet little every d..


22ct gold and obsidian earrings

Faceted beads of obsidian hanging below hollow 22ct gold bead and sequins. The earrings are for pier..


22Ct Gold Double Ring And Bead Earrings

A small 22ct gold bead dangles from double beaten gold rings in these delicate and elegant little st..


22ct gold flakes with coral bead earrings

Single 22ct gold flakes with small coral beads. Earrings on posts, approximately 1.5cm overall drop..


22ct gold quatrefoil earrings on wires

Small 22ct gold quatrefoil earrings embellished with gold beads, on wires. Approx overall length 1.2..


22Ct Gold Trefoil Earrings

A tiny trefoil of beads in a beaten ring, hanging on ear wires. Tiny and interesting...


Afghan Inspired Earrings

These little earrings catch the light beautifully and are elegant in their simplicity..


Aventurine And 22T Gold Pendant

A beautifully polished piece of aventurine with an interesting double bail; half made of twisted nar..


Black pearl and 22ct gold earrings

Medium sized black pearls hanging from 22ct gold French wires. Dressed up or dressed down, these are..


Blue agate and 22ct gold bead earrings

Balls of brilliant blue agate below hollow 22ct gold beads on French wires.  Overall drop appro..


Dark Grey Pearl And 22Ct Gold Earrings

Beautiful dark grey, almost black pearls on handmade French wires, embellished with little beads mad..


Double Ring 22Ct Earrings

Two sets of beaten rings have been joined cleverly to make these unusual little earrings. 2cm overal..


Faceted peridot and 22ct gold ring

Small, bright light green, facet cut peridot set in 22ct gold in a Roman style ring.  Ring size..


Green Agate And 22Ct Gold Pendant

Faceted green agate pendant an ornate, handmade wire bead. Overall length approx 2.75cms..


Grey pearl and 22ct gold chain earrings

Round grey pearls with small grey rice pearls hanging below, at the end of a hand made 22ct gold cha..


Little pearl and gold bead pendant

A natural colored pearl hangs below a hand pressed 22ct gold Precious Metal Clay bead.  The bea..


Mabé pearl and aquamarine drop earrings

Perfect little white mabé pearls set in 22ct gold with a clear, bright aquamarine drop hanging below..


Opal bead drop earrings

Small, bright Ethiopian opal beads hanging from a long French 22ct gold wire. The opals are full of ..


Oval Pearl Tiny Drop Pearl Earrings

Small cabochon oval pearls set in 22ct gold with tiny little white pearl drops attached. Overall len..


Pink baroque pearl and 22ct gold earrings

Small pink baroque pearls of an unusual and interesting colour haninging on 22ct gold long French wi..


Single 22ct gold flake stud earrings

Single 22ct gold flake earrings on posts; organic and perfect for everyday wear. Approx 1cm in lengt..


Smokey quartz cushions with 22ct gold earrings

Cushions of smokey quartz hanging on 22ct gold French wires.  Overall drop approx 2cm..


Smoky quartz and 22ct gold stud earrings

Round smoky quarts set in 22ct gold. Earrings on posts; diameter 1.2cms..


Undyed Turquoise 22Ct Gold Pendant

A large lump of natural turquoise hangs from a 22ct gold handmade 'stirrup' pendant. Overall drop 3c..


White mabe pearl and 22ct gold pendant

A white, square cushion mabe pearl set in 22ct gold with a 22ct gold hollow bead bail.  Overall..


Yellow pearl and 22ct gold drop earrings

Yellow/gold pearls on 22ct gold wires. Unusually colored pearls, perfect with 22ct gold...


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